Takedown Form

Request a takedown of a record where the information is open and should be closed

You can use this form to request a takedown of a record if the information you have found is open and you believe it should be closed under the Data Protection Act 1998.

All records of living individuals under 100 years of age in the 1939 Register should be closed. In addition, as the accepted assumption of death is 100 years, all records of individuals over 100 years of age are deemed to be open. If you have found your record and are under 100 years of age or the record of someone you know to still be alive and under 100 years of age or if you are over 100 years and do not wish your record to be open please use the form below to request the takedown of the record.

Please note you will be required to provide proof of identity of the subject in the record when submitting this request. This can include either a copy of a valid passport, driving licence or national identity card – an officially issued document bearing your signature and date of birth. In these instances records will be removed from the website on receipt and will prompt further investigation as to why the record is open.

Records opened in error are a result of one or more of the following:

  1. Error in the date of birth field on the original record
  2. Transcription error on the date of birth field
  3. An incorrectly listed Death code in the postings column
  4. Subject is over 100 years old – please see above paragraph

Findmypast reserves the right to refuse takedown requests after investigation. Takedown requests found to be for any other reasons than those stated above will be referred to The National Archives for consideration. You also have a statutory right to appeal to the Information Commissioner.

Record of subject detail found in the 1939 Registers

Please provide us with information about the 1939 Register person that you believe is opened in error.

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Their address within the Register

Please note we require the address as of 29 September 1939 (the date the Register was taken) for the record of the person about whom you are requesting the take down.

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Registration district
Upload evidence of proof of identity *

Please supply evidence of the identity of the person in the record you believe should be closed. This needs to be something bearing their signature and date of birth. For example, a copy of a current and valid driving licence or passport. (Files supported: .jpg, .png, .gif)

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Please note that any attempt to mislead may result in prosecution.