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Oak Park Oak Leaves

Faussett Wedding A wedding took place last Saturday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Wright...Faussett of Pendleton, Ind. Rev. Mr. Way, rector of the Episcopal church at Ma-wood, read the service. Out-of...Faussett will live in Horicon, where Mr. Faussett has extensive land interests. Go To The Playhouse Tonight A...Oak Park Oak Leaves (Newspaper) - November 21, 1914, Oak Park, Illinois
21 November 1914 - Oak Park Oak Leaves - Oak Park, Illinois, United States Of America

The Planters Banner

Faussett in the hands of Thomas Noland, amounting to 5600, more or lss.Seized as the property of George Fausse...Faussett entre les mains de Thoma Noland se montant $600, plus on moins. Saisi comme Mtant la proprIi't dle Ge...Faussett, d4fndeur dans les procs ci-dessus. ETIIAN ALLEN, Shirr Le 19 Sept. 1530. Crtte v•ue st difiri'e au...The Planters Banner (Newspaper) - October 24, 1850, Franklin, Louisiana
24 October 1850 - The Planters Banner - Franklin, Louisiana, United States Of America

Harrisburg Daily Register

Faussett, whose son has been missing in Korea since Christmas, dickered with the army today to return to duty....Faussett, a veteran of World War I and II, said he wants to be sent to Korea to cither find his 19-year-old so...Faussett/ also a World War II veteran, was reported wounded in Korea last August but went back into action in ...Harrisburg Daily Register (Newspaper) - March 13, 1951, Harrisburg, Illinois
13 March 1951 - Harrisburg Daily Register - Harrisburg, Illinois, United States Of America

Galveston Daily News

Faussett, Harper and Best getting the doubles. Sports Make Counters. The Sports swung into action the fourth. ...Faussett and Molesworth "rounded out in turn. Shreveport added another In the seventh. Ward grounded to pitch-...Faussett, with Sisier stopping ALLISON AND WORTH VINES. New Orleans, La.. May The United States Davis cup tenn...Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1932, Galveston, Texas
14 May 1932 - Galveston Daily News - Galveston, Texas, United States Of America

Everett Labor Journal

Faussett is preparing an answer in the case of the Puget Sound International Light & Power Company vs. the Pub...Faussett then moved for a dismissal of the case on the ground that the court had no jurisdiction. The Public ...Faussett, an appeal will then be •aken to the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D. C. It is underst...Everett Labor Journal (Newspaper) - February 4, 1921, Everett, Washington
04 February 1921 - Everett Labor Journal - Everett, Washington, United States Of America

Cincinnati Commercial Gazette

Faussett Sullivan and Blackwood; Light, Sullivan' Handley and Faussett; Police and Sanitary’ Goodman, Skinne...Faussett; Streets’ Goodman, Sullivan and Skinner; Water^ works, Skinner, Faussett and Goodman. Tht Palmer I...Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (Newspaper) - April 26, 1894, Cincinnati, Ohio
26 April 1894 - Cincinnati Commercial Gazette - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America

Galveston Daily News

FAUSSETT HURT SLIDING INTO PLATE; SEYDLER VICTIM OF DEFEAT. to Tfce Beaumont Tex, May boy Rowe kept his pitchi...Faussett, Tauby dropped a sin- gle back of short and Jones, sacri- ficing, filled the bases when Seyd- !er thr...Faussett tried to score from second, being out on Greenberg's relay to the plate. Then in the home half Fox go...Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - May 26, 1932, Galveston, Texas
26 May 1932 - Galveston Daily News - Galveston, Texas, United States Of America

Everett Commonwealth

Faussett say that my certificate should be revoked. Now. since I heir weak affidavits did not accomplish Ihei...Faussett and Lizzie take their friends to Cheney on a pleasure trip at the expense of the county as witnesses ...Faussett and Lizzie will ride over to Cheney at the expense of the county. Will the friends of Faussett and Li...Everett Commonwealth (Newspaper) - February 5, 1914, Everett, Washington
05 February 1914 - Everett Commonwealth - Everett, Washington, United States Of America

Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Faussett Days to commemorate one of the area’s most famous events. Faussett was a 1920s daredevil who took a...Faussett survived the fall but broke multiple bones. When he emerged from the hospital two weeks later, he dis...Faussett, his grandson, comes to the park every year (for the festival).� BULLETIN Plant society to hike t...Walla Walla Union Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 6, 2008, Walla Walla, Washington
06 August 2008 - Walla Walla Union Bulletin - Walla Walla, Washington, United States Of America

Sarasota Herald Tribune

FAUSSETT,OUtMAN LEAD WAY Riverview’s Track Team Gets Boost From Cagers By The Associated Press It will be...Faussett leading the way, Riverview won its first meet of the season Friday by stopping Venice, 67-56. Fausse...Faussett, Van Doren, and Mann are three of the squad’s eight lettermen, and Oulman appears well on his way t...Sarasota Herald Tribune (Newspaper) - March 14, 1966, Sarasota, Florida
14 March 1966 - Sarasota Herald Tribune - Sarasota, Florida, United States Of America