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Logansport Pharos Tribune

Faussett, whose son has et .chairman has distributed the j been m...Faussett, a veteran of World War I and II, said he-wants to be se...Faussett said, "and find out what happened." He served in, France
13 March 1951 - Logansport Pharos Tribune - Logansport, Indiana, United States Of America

Van Nuys Valley News

Faussett Cited for Assisting Squadron Staff Sgt. Thad R. Faussett...Faussett of has been cited at Homestead for helping his squadron ...Scout Ptck sponsored by Hub- bird St. Elementary School PTA won a
22 July 1965 - Van Nuys Valley News - Van Nuys, California, United States Of America

Sheridan News

Scout watch fob as an extra inducement. SHERIDAN NEWS Milk Cow Ne...Faussett and family, I. D. French and wife and Daisy dinner was i...Faussett and son Leland and Grandpa Faussett took Sundav dinner w
12 May 1916 - Sheridan News - Sheridan, Indiana, United States Of America

Galveston Daily News

Faussett to second, and McGhee filled the bases wiith a ground ba...Faussett Thormahlen then sent a long fly to deep center that saw ...scout for the St Louis Browns, who will operate the Longview club
20 May 1932 - Galveston Daily News - Galveston, Texas, United States Of America

Galveston Daily News

scout for the Bucs, holds jointly with Eddie Hock of Houston the ...Faussett double down tie left foul line to score them both. Fauss...Faussett scoring. Bungling walked, and Carroll beat ut a bunt for
19 May 1932 - Galveston Daily News - Galveston, Texas, United States Of America

Greencastle Daily Banner

SCOUT OBSERVANCE ENDED TODAY SPECIAL WEEK OFFICIALLY CLOSES WITH...Faussett, Indianapolis, all escaped injury. They were en route t...Faussett thought at first the plane had gasoline too low in octan
16 March 1957 - Greencastle Daily Banner - Greencastle, Indiana, United States Of America

Amarillo Daily News

Faussett was driving west on the county road when his cattle truc...Faussett had been engaged in farming, ranching and custom truckin...scout * r driver was killed 'I »nd iv night when children Mom d
09 August 1972 - Amarillo Daily News - Amarillo, Texas, United States Of America

Anderson Herald Bulletin

Faussett, Jon colors of blue and white. The Kay Neese and Jan Nee...Faussett Attending were Mesdames Paye McVey :Mary' Gal! her. a m...Scout John Paynter, outgoing 38lh & Main p ' s LAST 2 DAYS r
01 July 1967 - Anderson Herald Bulletin - Anderson, Indiana, United States Of America

Panama City News Herald

Scout troop visit President Truman to present him a check-list pr...Faussett has been listed as missing in ac- tion in Korea since De...Faussett, who saw service in France in the first war and in a tra
13 March 1951 - Panama City News Herald - Panama City, Florida, United States Of America

Hopewell Herald

Scout- master Laird with a truck on Deoam- her and to W. of the T...Scout books recently a Gar- den by Lillian E. and Girl Scouts in ...faussett was a retired veteran Inw IUwsmnin nt tVo --J widely-lru
27 December 1939 - Hopewell Herald - Hopewell, New Jersey, United States Of America