Results for 1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census

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First name(s) Last name Birth year Birth county Registration district Parish County   
Ada M Scourfield 1877 Pembrokeshire Pembroke Neyland Pembrokeshire
Agnes Scourfield 1888 Pembrokeshire Pembroke Carew Pembrokeshire
Alice Scourfield 1883 Pembrokeshire Brecknock Maescar Breconshire
Ame Scourfield 1869 Pembrokeshire Narberth Narberth North Pembrokeshire
Ann Scourfield 1859 Carmarthenshire Narberth Llanboidy (Carmarthen) Carmarthenshire
Ann Scourfield 1866 Narberth Narberth South Pembrokeshire
Anna Scourfield 1884 Carmarthenshire Carmarthen Mydrim Carmarthenshire
Anne Scourfield 1879 Pembrokeshire Narberth Crunwear Pembrokeshire
Catherine Scourfield 1882 Pembrokeshire Pembroke Cosheston Pembrokeshire
Edith Scourfield 1886 Carmarthenshire Carmarthen Mydrim Carmarthenshire
Eliza Scourfield 1838 Pembrokeshire Narberth Narberth North Pembrokeshire
Elizabeth Scourfield 1886 Monmouthshire Abergavenny Blaenavon Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Scourfield 1886 Pembrokeshire Haverfordwest Wiston Pembrokeshire
George Scourfield 1872 Pembrokeshire Neath Blaenhonddan Glamorganshire
George Scourfield 1872 Pembrokeshire Haverfordwest Haverfordwest St Martin Pembrokeshire
Hannah Scourfield 1886 Carmarthenshire Carmarthen Carmarthen St Peter Carmarthenshire
Honorah Evelyn Scourfield 1880 Pembrokeshire Isle of Wight Shanklin Isle of Wight, Hampshire
John Scourfield 1856 Pembrokeshire Pembroke Stackpole Elidor Pembrokeshire
Lizzie Scourfield 1884 Pembrokeshire Narberth Amroth Pembrokeshire
Maggie Scourfield 1885 Pembrokeshire Pembroke Carew Pembrokeshire