Results for 1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census

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First name(s) Last name Birth year Birth county Registration district Parish County   
Ada Humphreys 1868 Sussex Hampstead Hampstead London, Middlesex
Ada Humphreys 1877 Kent Malling West Malling Kent
Ada Humphreys 1879 Somerset Bristol Bristol Gloucestershire
Ada Humphreys 1881 Middlesex Poplar Poplar London, Middlesex
Ada Humphreys 1881 Essex Hackney Hackney London, Middlesex
Ada Humphreys 1882 Middlesex Brentford Heston Middlesex
Ada Humphreys 1884 Lancashire West Derby West Derby Lancashire
Ada Humphreys 1884 Essex West Ham East Ham London, Essex
Ada Humphreys 1885 Yorkshire Grimsby Cleethorpes Lincolnshire
Ada Humphreys 1886 Staffordshire West Derby Walton on the Hill Lancashire
Ada Humphreys 1886 Shropshire Shifnal Shifnal Shropshire
Ada E Humphreys 1878 Kent Lewisham Lee London, Kent
Ada E Humphreys 1881 Cheshire Wetherby Spofforth with Stockeld Yorkshire, Yorkshire (West Riding)
Ada G Humphreys 1877 Surrey Shoreditch Shoreditch London, Middlesex
Ada J M Humphreys 1877 Surrey Wandsworth Battersea London, Surrey
Ada L Humphreys 1880 Bedfordshire Uxbridge West Drayton Middlesex
Ada L Humphreys 1882 Berkshire Croydon Penge (Kent) Surrey, Kent
Agnes Humphreys 1882 Essex Romford Romford Essex
Agnes Humphreys 1882 Flintshire Hastings Hastings St Matthew Sussex
Agnes Humphreys 1884 Kent Kingston Kingston upon Thames Surrey